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Life Insurance Comparison

At MLMG, we compare all of the main life insurance providers to ensure you have the most suitable product for you.  We all think “it will never happen to me”  but suffering from a serious illness or dying suddenly or prematurely could also create financial issues at what is already a very difficult time for you and your family.  This is why planning your life and serious illness cover is so important.  Remember, you may be able to get cover today, but underwriting can become more difficult as we advance in years or if our health deteriorates. Life Insurance comparison

We understand that flexibility is also very important, and we can advise you how to combine cover to find the protection policy that will give you the utmost peace of mind.  We will also review that cover to ensure it continues to meet your needs as time goes by.

What is life insurance?

A Life Assurance Policy will pay out a lump sum or a monthly income for a specified period of time if you die during the policy term.

Why do I need it?

If you die the proceeds of your policy could be used to:

  • Pay off your mortgage and secure the ownership of your home for your family, free from substantial financial burden.
  • Protect your family income by replacing some or all of your lost earnings.
  • Protect your business.
  • Ensure your loved ones are not exposed to a large inheritance tax bill.

Types of Cover Available

Please click on the links below for further information:

Term Life Cover

Guaranteed Mortgage Protection

Pension Term Assurance

Guaranteed Whole of Life Assurance

Business Protection

Factors Affecting Cost

Your age 

The younger you are the lower the risk of you dying and therefore the cheaper the cover.

Your General State of Health 

The better your health the more likely you are to get cover. Having an illness doesn’t necessarily preclude you from getting cover – although it may increase the price or result in exclusions.

Whether you smoke or not

If you smoke the cost of your cover almost doubles! If you were a smoker and have given up tobacco related products  for 12 months or more you should also look at the price you are currently paying.Life Insurance comparison

Your Family’s Health History

A poor history of family health could lead to either more expensive cover, or in extreme cases not getting cover at all.

Amount of Life Cover Required

The greater the level of  cover the more expensive it becomes.

Number of Years you require cover for

The longer the term the more expensive the cost.


At MLMG we would be delighted to advise you on the Life Insurance Cover that best suits your needs.  Please contact us for more information or book your Financial Review today.

Life Insurance comparison