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What is a Pension Plan?

A pension plan is essentially an extremely tax efficient savings plan. In effect you defer part of the income you earn now, save it and use it in the future. You get tax relief on your contributions at your marginal income tax rate and your funds (savings) accumulate tax free until retirement. At retirement, under current rules, you get a percentage of your fund tax-free at retirement and the rest is paid to you as a regular income or reinvested.

Why do I need independent pension advice?

We should all look forward to our retirement but many people spend it worrying about how to make ends meet.

Most will qualify for a state pension when they retire. The current maximum single person’s entitlement is €227 per week (From March 2017) providing certain conditions are met. Clearly this amount may not go far towards maintaining the standard of living that you would perhaps like.

Worse still there are no guarantees about what the level of state pension will be, or if it will exist at all, when you reach retirement age. As we are all generally living longer it makes sense to contribute to a pension plan that will provide you with an additional income to enable you to enjoy a reasonable standard of living in your retirement.

Types of Pension Products – Pre-Retirement

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Personal Pension Plans

Personal Retirement Savings Account (PSRA)

Additional Voluntary Contribution‘s (AVC’s)

Occupational (Group) Pension Scheme

Company/Executive Pension Scheme

Buy out Bonds

Self-Directed Pension Scheme

Types of Pension Products – After you Retire

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Approved Retirement Funds (ARF)

Additional Voluntary Contribution‘s (AVC’s)

Approved Minimum Retirement Funds (AMRF)


As well as reviewing any existing pension provisions you may have, we can also advise on all pre and post retirement options. Whether you are an employee or self-employed we will help you to maximise the tax reliefs available on Pension Contributions as well as ensuring you receive your maximum tax free lump sum entitlement when you access your benefits on retirement.

Warning: If you invest in any of these products you may lose some or all of the money you invest.


For more information on state pension entitlements:


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