Financial advice is NOT just for business owners or the very wealthy… No matter what your financial circumstances are, one thing we all have in common is that our financial affairs have become more complicated:

  • We are slowly coming out of a recession but many still have debt issues.
  • Those fortunate enough to have savings and investments are faced with falling, almost negligible deposit rates and volatile markets.
  • The cost of third level education continues to grow with many parents not making adequate provision for these future costs.
  • Surveys also show that many don’t have basic life and critical illness protection leaving their families financially exposed should the worst happen.

Why seek financial advice?

With so much going on why then do more of us not look for professional advice? Finances can be a major source of stress and worry. We go to the doctor for our health check-up, why then do so few use financial advisors to check on their financial wellbeing?

A recent survey reported that those who have used a financial advisor:

  • have nearly 3 times the savings and investments than those who don’t
  • are more than twice as likely to have a pension
  • are more financially protected
  • feel more confident about their financial future

How financial advice can help:

By cutting through the jargon and understanding your personal circumstances a financial advisor will help you identify your priorities, plan for the future and, with regular reviews, keep you informed and on track.It’s also best to use an independent financial advisor, who is not tied to any one financial services company or product. Good financial advice is your path to financial security.

So, for financial peace of mind why not contact MLMG Financial Brokers, your local independent financial broker to arrange your impartial consultation today.  Telephone: 074 93 21420 or email us at