We all hope for a comfortable retirement.

However, if you want to maintain your current level of income into retirement, it is likely that a pension should form a key part of your retirement planning. Whether you are looking for a personal pension for yourself or a group scheme for your employees, our team of experienced pension advisors offer the pension advice necessary to ensure that your pension plan meets your needs.

Benefits of a Pension

A pension plan is essentially an extremely tax efficient savings plan. In effect you take part of the income you earn now, save and invest it for use in the future. You get tax relief on your pension contributions at your marginal income tax rate and your funds (savings) accumulate tax free until your retirement. At retirement, under current rules, you can take a percentage of your fund tax-free and the rest is paid to you as a regular income or reinvested for draw down in the future. It will come as no surprise to learn that the earlier you start a pension, the easier it is to build up a fund that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable retirement. But no matter what age you are it is not too late to start a pension. Whether you are an employee or self-employed we will help you to maximise the tax reliefs available on your pension contributions as well as ensuring you maximise your tax free lump sum entitlement when you access your benefits on retirement.

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Types of Pensions

There are different pensions options to choose from and different rules apply depending on your age and circumstances. You should always seek advice from an Financial advisor before investing in a pension product. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE >>