ROI Banks – Measures for those impacted by Covid-19

The main ROI banks have announced the introduction of a range of measures to help individuals and businesses affected by Covid-19. They are still working through the details and further announcements are expected in the coming days.


Bank of Ireland have announced the following initiatives:

Personal Mortgages

A 3 month complete moratorium is available on all residential & buy to let mortgages. To apply you need to complete a simple digital online form – follow this link or phone Bank of Ireland on 01-6113333. You will need your Mortgage Account Number to process the application.

There are some terms & conditions you need to be aware of.

Conditions of approval

  • This is a precautionary request or you have a temporary reduction in your income as a consequence of the current health crisis, and you are not in financial difficulty and/or were not concerned about your ability to meet future repayments prior to COVID-19.
  • You are not in a forbearance arrangement with the Bank or, if you are you have met all terms and conditions for a minimum of 12 months.
  • You are not in arrears more than 2 months on any mortgage account or other BOI loans. If you are you were already in arrears before Covid-19 continue to deal with the arrears dedicated team on
    07662 44444).


You need to be aware that:

  • Your mortgage repayments will increase after the payment break and that the mortgage term will not be extended – effectively the 3 month moratorium will be spread over the remainder of your term.
  • If your payment break request is submitted to the bank within 7 working days of your next scheduled repayment then the monthly repayment that you normally pay will be taken from your account. If you require a refund of this payment and you pay your mortgage from a Bank of Ireland account, call 1890-365365 or contact your branch. If you pay your mortgage from an account in another bank, contact your bank to arrange this.


Personal Loans

For enquiries on personal loan payment breaks or flexible arrangements – call 1850 222 200 or 01 488 2019 – lines open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.


Bank of Ireland Business Customers

Anyone concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their business should contact their business relationship manager directly or ring 0818 200 348.

Options available to help those affected include payment moratoriums on business loans and finance agreements, the provision of emergency working capital, and prioritising loan decisions for impacted customers.